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Now is the perfect time to give your shop some attention and get it shipshape for the upcoming year. It can be tempting to neglect the basics in favour of more exciting things like creating new products, but regular check ins like this are always time well spent. Here at Flupio we have added simple tools to help highlight areas to focus. 
Simple changes like adding additional images, ensuring your delivery profiles are added can make the difference to converting a sale. 

In this article we’ve compiled a simple checklist for you to work your way through in your own time. 

Get your online Flupio shop in shape

Your Shop Checklist

Shop Summary

A simple overview of your business, not only is this represented to customers when they browse over the store, but we feed this to search engines also so ensuring its accurate to you can have a massive impact on new customers. 


Product titles should always be clear and accurate to the product being sold, remember Search engines only tend to display the fist 60 characters so ensure your titles are clear and accurate and not just keyword stuffing. 

You can utilise 2 titles within Flupio, the core title that will be used within the search on Flupio and displayed on the Flupio site, and also set a SEO title separately which will be sent out and used to display your products on Search Engines. 

Always Double-check for typos.


Check you have fully described your product – think about all the different ways someone might talk about your product, how it can be used, and the words and phrases customers might type into search engine to find it. A good detailed and easy to understand description is key as its what customers will read when looking for more information on your product. It's also great to include key words as this will be taken into account within Flupio search, however don't keyword stuff as this will de-rank your product. 

Check your descriptions answer any questions a customer could have – eg dimensions, exactly what is included, how and when it will be packaged and posted.

Make sure all your product descriptions are slightly different and are not just copied and pasted from another platforms.


Add any seasonally relevant tags – eg spring wedding, Easter decoration, valentine’s day, spring jewellery, star signs or birthday months.

Shop keeping

Feature any items you particularly want to highlight, you can highlight 4 products to display. 


Swap out any festive product shots for more seasonally relevant ones.

Check how your photographs look in your shop as well as in search results, to ensure your products are clear and well positioned in the centre of the image.

Check the image quality is good enough on the product page and, if it looks blurry, upload a higher-resolution image.


Check the postage costs on your items. High postage costs are the number one reasons shoppers abandon their carts, this is why we've made postage clear on products when you assign postal upgrades, to showcase accurate estimates and upfront postal charges.

Consider offering free shipping or keeping your postage under £2.50 to maximise your chance of sales.
Ensuring you accurately charge for postage is not only key to your profits but also as buyers will have a price they are willing to pay as they will have checked your competitors. 

If you don’t want your customer to be charged extra postage when ordering multiple items from your shop, make sure you have entered a ‘0’ in the “Additional Shipping” box, or even better offer your customers Free shipping after a minimum spend is met. This can encourage customers to make an additional purchase to meet the threshold.

Make sure your dispatch & shipping times are correct.


Check the links on your social media. Make it as easy as possible for people to buy your products by including a clickable link to your Flupio shop.

Check the links from your Flupio shop to your social media pages work and that no links are broken.

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